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Pet Food

We offer a fine selection of raw materials intended for rendering processes in the pet food industry, ensuring safety parameters under the HACCP system. Furthermore, our processed products exhibit exceptional nutritional and sensory qualities, ensuring both health and irresistible palatability. Additionally, our dedicated R&D department constantly strives for enhancements, catering to the unique needs and preferences of our valued customers.



We offer oily products intended for aquaculture, containing important fatty acids such as EPA and DHA, which are obtained safely and cost-effectively. These fatty acids provide fish with a good source of metabolizable energy to optimize their growth in the shortest possible time, resulting in higher mass yields, lower feed conversion ratios (FCR), and reduced mortality. Our fish oils and substitutes are carefully monitored for safety, and our R&D department works to make the products as digestible as possible.



We develop products specifically designed for heavy-performance horses, using a careful selection of raw materials that provide the necessary energy to enhance performance, health, and overall well-being of the animal. Our products offer properties such as a salinity level similar to the horse's sweat, which aids in electrolyte recovery and prevents dehydration. Additionally, their composition helps reduce grain intake.

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