We are a group of companies focused on developing various products from oils and fats to supply companies involved in Aquaculture, Pets, and other animal species.

We develop these products with a strong commitment to innovation and creating value through scientific and technical knowledge, in conjunction with our R&D center for feed plants in different locations.

We are dedicated to continuously optimizing our customers' products, thereby improving their sustainability and supporting them in ensuring food safety, sustainability, and strengthening business cycles.


 +56 41 2186720

  Chile | Central Office

 Av. Chacabuco 149, Concepción.

  Chile | Factory  

Calle Central S/N ,Sitio 3, Lote 4 Manzana C, Parque Industrial Escuadrón 1 Coronel, Región del BioBío, Chile.

  Perú | Central Office

Avenida la Paz 910  departamento 402, distrito Miraflores, Provincia y Departamento de Lima.

  Perú | Factory

Pueblo Joven Villa María, Mz.Ñ,Lt Nº 6 Distrito de Nuevo Chimbote, Provincia del Santa, Ancash.