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Storage and Refining of Oils   

  • Services related to oil, primarily oriented towards the animal feed industry.

  • Storage, semi-refining, and blending of by-products, oils, and fats.

  • Products for the animal feed industry, with a special emphasis on the salmon industry. With a high level of technical expertise. Customized formulation for each client. 

"The synergy between our human team and the technology at our disposal has allowed us to become a strategic partner for our clients."

Located on an area of approximately 12,500 square meters in the Escuadrón Industrial Park in Coronel, a strategically advantageous location due to its road connectivity and proximity to the region's main ports.



 +56 41 2186720

 Chile | Central Office

Av. Chacabuco 149, Concepción.

 Chile | Factory

Calle Central S/N ,Sitio 3, Lote 4 Manzana C, Parque Industrial Escuadrón 1 Coronel, Región del BioBío, Chile.

 Perú | Central Office 

Avenida la Paz 910  departamento 402, distrito Miraflores, Provincia y Departamento de Lima.

 Perú | Factory

Pueblo Joven Villa María, Mz.Ñ,Lt Nº 6 Distrito de Nuevo Chimbote, Provincia del Santa, Ancash.